Filter coffee

Filter coffee is coffee made with a coffee maker or by hand brewing. Grinded coffee is placed into a filter paper and hot water in poured over.

One has multiple coffee options for making filter coffee for example different coffee blends. Filter coffee icon on Paulig’s coffee packages helps you to choose right coffee. You can use pre-grinded or grind beans by yourself. The secret of tasty filter coffee is to have right ratio and clean equipment. One spoonful (about 7 g) of coffee per cup (1, 25 dl) is the right amount.

Rancid coffee fat changes the flavor of coffee into pungent and unpleasant, it is advisable to clean coffee maker daily. Using fresh water measured with a measurement pitcher provides a great flavor. It also prevents coffee fat ending up into the coffee maker and prolongs usage time.

Easy way to clean coffee fat from the coffee machine is by using baking soda mixture (3 tbsp. for 3 liters of warm water). Mix soda and water, pour to machine and brew through while pausing for a 5 minutes after the first drops of mixture have reached the pan. Restart the machine and brew through clean water 2-3 times after mixture. Over time also limestone can occur, removing it should always be done with a descaling agent and according to instructions manual.

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