Mocaccino and café mocha

Mocaccino and café mocha are layered espresso-based coffee drinks. Both drinks’ main ingredients are espresso, steamed milk and chocolate sauce.

Café Mocha gathers in layers to a glass. First chocolate sauce is poured in the bottom and sides of the glass and then espresso and steamed milk are added. All this is topped with a good layer of whipped cream that can be decorated with chocolate sauce, bisquit crumble, nonpareils or anything else sweet. Mocaccino is otherwise the same drink but the whipped cream and sweet decorations are left out.

Mocaccino and café mocha both look delicious and taste sweet in your mouth. Because of their sweet nature, both are perfect for those moments when you are graving something sweet. Both are also good option for dessert in a restaurant when your stomach might be too full, but you still want to have something sweet.

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