Blend means a mix of two or more different coffee varieties or origins. Blending is done to archive wanted flavor and aroma for coffee.

As coffee is a natural product, many factors influence the flavor. Mixing coffee beans together provides a smooth and nuanced coffee blend. For example, many filter coffees are often coffee blends. Paulig Café New York, Mundo or Presidentti are examples of coffee blends from Paulig’s portfolio that have their own recognizable flavor profiles. As coffee changes a bit season to season, it is up to coffee tasters professionalism to maintain the flavor profile same even when the raw material is constantly changing. Flavor can be adjusted by varying the coffee blend. Just as baker adjust recipes to maintain even quality in the baked goods so does, coffee taster secure the flavor from package to package.

Roast levels effect strongly on the flavor. Other factors besides roast are coffee variety, climate and growing area as well as processing methods. There are over 800 aromas in coffee.

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