Moka pot

Moka pot is common brew method in Italy to make strong filter coffee at home. It is also good option for an espresso lover that wants to drink strong coffee.

Coffee brewed with moka pot tastes strong and full-bodied. The moka pot coffee is especially good for a friend of strong coffee or espresso.

There are three parts in a moka pot; bottom chamber for water, in the middle a basket for ground coffee and on top chamber for the ready coffee. When brewing with moka pot, first water is placed in the bottom chamber. The coffee grounds are added to the basket and all part are screwed together. The moka pot is placed on a stove and the water is heated to boiling. The boiling water the rises through the ground coffee to the top chamber. The coffee is ready to be served once almost all water has “boiled” through the coffee to the top chamber.

Check from the video how moka pot coffee is brewed!

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