Pour over

Pour over is a name for number of brewing methods. Pour over methods are for example Hario V60 and Chemex.

For brewing with Hario V60 you will need a gooseneck water kettle, the V60 and a decanter for the ready coffee to flow in. The gooseneck water kettle is crucial for this method as with it water can be poured as accurately as possible.

The great thing about pour overs is that the flavor of the coffee can be manipulated easily. Things effecting the flavor are water temperature, coffee grind size, agitation and how the water is poured on top of the coffee. Another benefit of pour over ́s is that they are easy way to brew just one cup of coffee.

To ensure the best results the water should be poured to the filter cone with rotating movement. Before adding the ground coffee to the filter paper, the paper should be rinsed to remove paper flavors. Brewing should star with blooming which means wetting all the coffee and letting them sit for 30-45 seconds. This will remove the carbon dioxide from the coffee and increase overall flavor.

Check from the brew guide video stepst to prepare a perfect one cup of coffee.

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