Robusta is a great fit for dark roasted coffee blends that are used for making espresso. Robusta is one of the main varieties just like Coffea Arabica. Robusta is second most produced coffee variety in the world.

Robusta is bitterer and sturdier compared to Arabica. About 35% of world’s coffee productions is Robusta.

Heavy mouthfeel and strong flavor makes Robusta a great fit for espressos. Robusta creates a lovely thick crema on top of the espresso. Robusta is for those who enjoy their coffee strong and normally Robusta is its best consumed with milk.

Comparing to its companion Arabica, Robusta tolerates changes in climate better. It can be cultivated in warmer climate and lower altitudes. Optimal temperature for Robusta is between 22 - 27 °C.

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