Cold brew

Cold brew is prepared by extracting coffee in cold water about 8-14 hours. One easy way of making cold brew coffee is to use French Press for over-night brewing in a fridge.

Old proverb says that cold coffee makes you beautiful. Even if that would not be accurate, at least cold brew delights you for sure. Moreover, what could be more beautiful than delightful smile. Cold brew has been popular in the US already for a long time, and little by little, it has concurred rest of the world.

When cold brew is made it is not heated in any point, but brewing is done directly into cold water. Cold brew does not mean the same as ice coffee where the coffee is made with hot water before cooling.

Cold brew is a great base for any summer drink. It is both refreshing and cooling at the same time. Cold brew is very versatile and suits many preferences. Soft flavor is archived by adding half of cold brew and half of milk. Mixture can be seasoned for example with vanilla syrup, lime juice or chocolate sauce.

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