French press

French press is method to prepare filter coffee. Ground coffee and water are put together to the French press and no filter paper is used to filter the coffee.

As its names states French press is a French invention. Coffee brewed with French press is often more full-bodied than drip coffee. Because filter paper is not used to filter the coffee and it lets all the oils and aromas end up in the cup.

French press consists of a chamber and a plumber, which filters the coffee grounds to the bottom of the chamber. Correct amount of ground coffee is measured into the preheated chamber and then hot water is added with rotating manner on top of the coffee. After adding the water coffee and water properly mixed with a spoon. The coffee is brewed for 4 to 6 minutes and the plunger is pressed down to filter the ground coffee from the liquid coffee.

Coffee for café au lait is often prepared with a French press.

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