Traditional pot coffee

Traditional pot coffee is, as its name states, coffee that has been brewed in a pot. Pot coffee was widely popular before the filter coffee machines became common. For a large crowd, pot coffee is a handy way to brew coffee.

Pot coffee’s flavor is full bodied as there is no filter paper. All the oils in the coffee end up in the cup to round up the flavor. Pot coffee is brewed in a coffee pot on a stove. First cold water is put to the pot and the water is boiled. After the water has reached boiling temperature, the ground coffee is added to the water and it is mixed well. After this the water doesn’t have to be boiling but it can be boiled to increase flavor. Pot coffee is brewed for 5 minutes. Then poured to a serving pot to prevent ground coffee ending up in the cup.

Coffee pot should be cleaned well after every use, as the coffee oils might built up to the pot easily. The old and rancid coffee oil built ups might ruin the next cups brewed with the pot. For cleaning, baking soda and hot water is an excellent option. 

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