Cupping or cup tasting means coffee tasting. Idea is similar to wine tasting, the purpose is to find different aromas, flavors and nuances.

All the coffees have different aromas that are affected by the origin, variety, climate and processing. Coffee buyers and roasters use cupping to sensory evaluate coffee. Coffee tasters also describe the characteristics of coffee using detailed evaluation forms. Tasting robots do not exist and therefor experienced coffee tasters are an important element in producing quality coffee. Cupping is an important part of quality control but it can be also a fun activity.

Doing cupping at home is easy. About two spoonful’s of coffee grinds are placed into a cup. About two decilitersof hot water is poured over and brewed for four minutes. Then coffee is mixed for the coffee grinds set into the bottom of the cup. Foam formed on top is peeled off. Tasting can be done when coffee is about room temperature. Professional tasters use two cupping spoons for tasting; other lifts the coffee from the cup and then transforms it to the other spoon that takes the drink to mouth. Taste note are highlighted by swishing and rolling the coffee in the mouth. In order to taste all the aromas it is important to slurp coffee in with air. Observations of the flavor can be written down.

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