Coffea Arabica or more commonly known as just Arabica is one of the main varieties of coffee. Over 60% of whole world’s productions is Arabica. Arabica is valued for its aroma and pleasant flavor.

Arabica can be found from grandma’s coffee table as well as fancy office or neighborhood café. Flavor of Arabica is gentler and more nuanced comparing to its conspecific Robusta. Coffea Arabica is the most cultivated coffee in the world and majority of Paulig’s filter coffees are made from Arabica varieties. Arabica is its best at light roasts due to its gentle and aromatic flavor.

Today Arabica is cultivated globally but originally this variety comes from Ethiopia. In order to succeed Arabica requires lots of sun light, about 18 - 22 degrees, rich soil and enough moisture. Most commonly, Arabica is grown between 1000 - 2000 meters above sea level. Coffee Arabica is grown on the latitude between tropic cancer and Capricorn, latitude called the coffee belt. The largest Arabica producing countries are Brazil and Colombia.


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