Washed coffee

Washed coffee is processing method for coffee cherries. In the washing method, coffee cherries are peeled mechanically, and coffee beans are fermented in water containers one to two days.

Washing method is more demanding and more expensive comparing to natural processing method.

At the first phase, coffee beans mechanically peeled from fresh coffee cherries. After the peeling coffee beans are placed into a water container to ferment 1-2 days. Coffee gets fine and clear flavor due to the fermenting caused by the enzymes. After fermenting coffee is carefully washed and all the remaining of the coffee cherry are removed from the beans. After the washing coffee is dried in a drying mill or under the sun on a patio. Coffee cherry removed from the beans can be used as a fertilizer.

Washing method requires lots of water and coffee processed this way are called washed. Washed coffees are acidity and fresh.

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