This year's hottest Christmas present is out! Coffee powered Paulig take-away cup brings joy back to coffee


Takeaway tech 2.0

The innovation called Paulig Muki ("The Mug") is connected to a mobile application that can be used to send pictures and messages to anyone using the product - or to simply make your Paulig Muki the personalized daily take-away energizer you need. The best part of this product is that you don't need an external energy source to power the fun. All you need is hot content such as coffee or tea, and the thermal energy brings the cup alive.

The screen is connected to an accompanying mobile application via Bluetooth. Paulig Muki comes with an app that enables you to send a picture to your Paulig Muki friends and the new content will be updated on the screen each time you pour a hot beverage into the cup. What's fun about the E-paper display is that the last picture will stay on even if you run out of energy.

Connecting with coffee

Drinking coffee has traditionally been a social experience. A Finnish coffee roastery Paulig noticed that the social function of coffee had been losing ground, so they decided to create a new social medium powered by coffee.

"Coffee has always powered us Finns, but we realized that there was more to it than just the caffeine buzz, explains Karri Kauppila, Marketing Director of Paulig Group’s Coffee division.

Paulig Muki cups will be available through Paulig’s online shop within the EU. The price for one Paulig Muki is 59€ and the smart coffee cup is available in three different colors. Orders before December 15th get delivered for Christmas.

Visit the Paulig online store here:

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