In an era of virtual communications, real encounters complete the message


In October, we opened our new coffee house and micro roastery, Paulig Kulma, in the Kluuvi shopping centre. While opening the coffee house in Helsinki’s city centre meant a return to our roots, it was also a new step closer to coffee lovers. Although we live in an era of virtual communications, we wanted to create a real channel for interacting with coffee drinkers. It gives us better access to and understanding of the ideas, expectations and hopes they have regarding Paulig.

Paulig Kulma embodies everything that we say and do, from the origin of coffee and roasting it to skilled baristas and training. Coffee is such a wonderful and unique raw material that we want everyone to hear its story and journey from bean to cup. While coffee is an everyday routine for many Finns, we must not forget how unique it is. Every day, I feel proud to be working with the marketing of coffee, a wonderful and delicate raw materials.

For me having the courage to place the customer first is a part of responsible marketing, even when it means a step into the unknown. Where and how do you want to meet us? Let us know!


Karri Kauppila

Marketing Director

Coffee Division of Paulig Group

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