Tazza kaakao

Tazza Choco Drink

Tazza is acceptable treat – around the year. Tazza choco drink is made from liquid concentrate and its rich-flavoured chocolaty taste is unique! Cocoa used in Tazza concentrate is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Benefits why to have Tazza?
  • Profitable Tazza is the most sold hot chocolate brand in Finland*! Source: Tazza’s position and hot and cold chocolate drinks in finland, marketing clinic, 2018
  • Get more customers, consumers have different needs. One like coffee, other tea and third choco drinks.
  • Upgrade customer satisfaction, pampering tazza is an experience that takes everyday to another level.
  • By Choosing Tazza you will improve the livelihood of the cocoa farmer and the community and consider the environment – cup by cup!
Find a right Tazza solution for your business
Tazza machine
Tazza concentrate
Tazza cacao 10x1 kg Rainforest Alliance
The legendary Tazza is a full-bodied hot cocoa delicacy​

Tazza hot chocolate suit perfectly in various locations such as cafés, service stations and offices. Most convenient way to offer Hot Tazza Choco drink in high volume places is to prepare with Tazza machine. Tazza machine is profitable when you sell about 30 drinks a day. For smaller volumes, excellent options is to use 2 kg Tazza faucet pack. Tazza cocoa drink is easily prepared at offices with a Tazza Stick packed in a small sachet - just add cold / hot water or milk.

Tazza – enjoy it hot, love it cold!​

Now there’s a mouth-watering new way to offer Tazza as a cold choco drink. Tazza is widely known hot chocolate but it can also be prepared for a trendy cold beverage. Exploit the whole year to make sales with Tazza because cold choco drinks sell especially at spring and summertime. ​

Tazza šokolaadijook
How to get most of the Tazza:​

Easy way to grow sales is to add a bigger cup size for real choco lovers. Explore and make the drink menu even more appealing with easy and profitable recipes for hot and cold drinks. Offering combos with hot or cold Tazza is a great way upsell and make the buying easier to customers.

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