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Sustainable coffee partner

What does your coffee tell about you?

Whether it is an easy and gentle coffee break during a hectic workday, or a refreshment offered to a customer, every cup counts. Every cup served tells the story of your company. Every cup communicates the values of your company. Paulig’s coffee solutions emphasise sustainability, high-quality coffee and ease of service. As we are Finland’s largest coffee house and an international company, we aim to be a sustainable frontrunner. We focus on professional coffee solutions to make sustainable choices easier for you. High-quality coffee is sustainable. You can read more about our sustainability work here» and about our coffee solutions here». Please contact us using the form below and we will contact you soon!

Why choose a sustainable partner?

Who wouldn’t prefer a sustainably produced cup of coffee? Our coffees are roasted at 100% carbon-neutral roasteries in Vuosaari, Helsinki, and in the village of Tolkkinen in Porvoo, using biogas and solar energy of Finnish origin. Moreover, all our coffee beans are verified sustainable. As a family business, we take responsibility for the aftertaste of the coffee you enjoy. 

1. Good reputation above all. Many customers base their choices on the reliability and sustainability of the service provider and the products it uses. A sustainable partner is the best choice in terms of your company’s reputation management. 

2. A strong angle for advertising. You can use Paulig’s sustainability facts as part of your story. If your café only serves sustainable coffee, be proud of it and mention it to your customers!  

3. Close to the customer’s heart. Consumer trends favour sustainable services and products more and more. When a customer is served a cup of sustainably produced coffee, the coffee moment creates a positive memory and boosts your company’s image. Sustainability helps in committing your customers and finding new ones.

4. High-quality coffee. Sustainability also means high-quality coffee for the customer.

Better coffee moments – contact us!

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