Coffee solutions for offices

Premium coffee experiences for offices. Conveniently.

Good coffee is the heart of the office, the engine and the business card. ​

Employees will gather around it to charge their batteries by meeting with colleagues or taking a moment of the day's challenges. ​

High-quality coffee is a great way to welcome guests, and it has a great role to accomplish even a trickiest workshop or a meeting. ​

Paulig Professional offers an easy, gentle coffee break for your working day. A cup of coffee is a sacred thing to most of us. And not just any coffee. Quality really matters. And when you know you’re getting good stuff; you know you’re valued.

See more from our MyMoment brochure!


Premium coffee solution will support your business:​
  • Improved work satisfaction Coffee breaks are making a return to offices. Taking a break invigorates workers, improving wellbeing at work.​
  • Improved efficiency Relaxed and energized workers make fewer mistakes. Coffee breaks also improve productivity and concentration.​
  • Positive image The quality of the coffee and the experience are like a calling card for a visitor. A nice cup of coffee leaves the mind buzzing with delight.​
  • Actions with impact Together we build responsible business. By choosing Paulig for your business, you will directly affect the coffee farmer’s livelihood – cup by cup!
My Moment for small offices (Up to 50 people in Office)

Our example offer includes:​

  • Automatic coffee machine from Jura for small office​
  • Assortment of beans from the professional selection
  • Best maintenance service in the market​
  • Easy to order also milk, tea, coffee from webshop
My Moment for large offices (Over 50 people in Office)​

Our example offer includes:​

  • Super-automatic coffee machine from Thermoplan for high volume places​
  • Assortment of beans from the professional selection ​
  • Best maintenance service in the market
Let´s turn your office coffee to next level ​

Key elements for premium office coffee experience are high quality coffee, top-notch machines and services that enablers indulgence coffee moments without unwanted breaks. Beside hot coffee, we also have wide assortment of other drinks to complete the offering: chocolatey rich and delicious Tazza chocolate drink, bottled cold coffee drinks and Fairtrade certified teas from Bradley´s. Need a furniture to place your coffee machine? Our Paulig Coffee Module is a readymade furniture solution that is designed to help serve coffee. We have 90 cm compact solution for small offices and wider versions (135 & 180 mm) to machines for making both filtered coffee and espresso-based coffees.

We want to create enjoyable coffee moments​

We at Paulig already have more than 140 years of experience in developing coffee blends and roasting coffee. 100 % of our coffee beans come from sources that have been verified sustainable. This means that coffee is certified or bought from sustainable and verified partnership programs in country of origin. The bean´s journey begins in the farmer´s hands continues to our roastery, where it´s carefully roasted with love and renewable biogas. Finally, from there into a coffee lover´s cup. Enjoy until final sip.

Top-notch machines with the highest quality in the office coffee offering​

A modern machine prepares coffee at a press of a button, and the latest technology ensures that the machine functions reliably and ecofriendly. We will make sure that the machine and the coffee you will choose goes hand in hand. Our tasting team guarantee that our coffee machines are set to maximize your taste. Each cup of coffee is grinded from beans and served with fresh milk. Just like in your favorite coffee shop! Consumption at the workplace can be irregular. Our machines are designed to prepare freshly grinded coffee based on the need - cup by cup – so no coffee will be wasted!

We ensure that every cup of coffee is a pleasure​

High quality coffee, reliable coffee equipment and a tidy environment are the makings of an enjoyable coffee break. We want to ensure quality at every stage, from the bean to the pleasure of drinking the coffee. All our skilled technicians are SCA Certified so they are not only taking care of your machine, but their aim is also to create enjoyable coffee experiences for your employees and guests.

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